Little Falls has been bustling with activity surrounding the filming of A Quiet Place, the low budget Hollywood thriller about a family whose farm is terrorized by a supernatural being. Filming has been ongoing for a couple of days and was set to wrap up on Halloween.

Actors John Krasinski ("The Office") and Emily Blunt ("The Devil Wears Prada"), married since their 2010 nuptials at the Lake Como estate of close friend George Clooney, are acting together for the first time.

Credit: Bryon Ackerman

The pictures from the set of the movie were provided by Bryon Ackerman, the former O-D reporter, who grew up in Little Falls.

Credit: Bryon Ackerman

The key details of the movie's plot are being kept under wraps by Krasinski, who co-wrote the script from the original draft, and who is also directing the film under the auspices of Paramount Pictures and mega-producer Michael Bay.

Although it IS an interesting detail (and perhaps part of the story line?) that in the shot above, the actors are all barefoot. Why are they barefoot? What happened to their shoes??? Did the supernatural being steal them?

A Quiet Place is set for a spring 2018 release.


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