There are so, so very many potential hazards at play when it comes to performing live, from unwanted fans crashing the stage to pyrotechnics gone terribly awry to awful hand-meets-drone collisions. But perhaps no terror is quite so real as a flying thing coming directly at you mid-melisma.

The girls of Little Mix — specifically Jade — now know this all too well.

During a Get Weird promotional performance in Phoenix, the girls were performing an acoustic rendition of "How Ya Doin?" when the unexpected intruder buzzed its way onto the stage mid-song, causing pure pandemonium in a matter of seconds.

While Perrie shakily stuck it out to deliver her line (nearly without vocal flaw!), the bug landed in Jade's hair, who immediately froze. (The screeches from fans also did not help lesson her terror.)

Leigh-Ann ran offstage immediately, and Jesy did absolutely nothing to help the situation, either — although she did take the opportunity to make up some new lyrics as she exited: "It's in...Jade's hair...OH MY GOD, GET IT OUT OF HERE!" she sang while hurriedly skipping offstage.

But Jade stood her ground. And, with a quick hair flip, she went running with a shriek while Perrie decided to go after her with a shoe in hand. Mercifully, a cameraman standing by (#HERO) finally swooped in and plucked the dreaded beast from Jade's mane, and so the performance went on.

As for the uninvited insect? No doubt a cold-blooded relative to the wasp that viciously attacked Nadine Coyle mid-"Call The Shots" during Girls Aloud's set at V Festival in 2008.

Nadine Coyle Bug

Can someone equip these ladies with some bug spray or something? Stay strong!

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