Little Mix break out leather and leashes for their sexy new music video for ‘Salute,’ the third single off of the band’s sophomore album of the same name.

The British girl band has been following a pattern with their second album, shedding the bright colors and cutesy visuals associated with their first LP, ‘DNA,’ in exchange for a sexier, edgier look. The girls debuted their new mature aesthetic with the video for the indescribably catchy ‘Move,’ the leading single off of ‘Salute.’

What earns Little Mix the biggest salute (we couldn’t help ourselves) is the stylistic choice for their latest music vid. ‘Salute,’ to put it frankly, is HOT. Members Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy are absolutely sizzling for every second of their performance.

The militaristic song kicks off with sirens to set the mood and then immediately throws you into scenes of the girls leading men around by leashes. We’re sold already! The power dynamic of the four band members over their male backup dancers reinforces the girl-power message of the song. It’s not hard for girls to want to chant along with lyrics such as, “Ladies all across the world / listen up, we’re looking for recruits” and “Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots / Representing all the women, salute, salute!”

The four band members, dressed in all-black ensembles accessorized by chains, collars, and combat boots, absolutely nail the choreography. Their dancing looks as powerful and aggressive as their clothes, adding to the overall tough, no-nonsense attitude of the production. The dark, grungy sets make the perfect background for this female anthem.

Little Mix wrap up the video with a final stomp-heavy dance-off backed by their previously leashed guys. It’s an authoritative, climactic ending for such an impressive, energetic video. Way to represent, ladies!

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