The little boy who showed off his dance moves just like PSY in "Gangnam Style" is hoping to go viral. His real name is Hwang Min-woo, he is 7 years old and has been nicknamed "Little PSY". He will be releasing an electro pop song next week through iTunes. Little PSY says he wants to gain global fame like his "big brother," PSY, although we do not know if they are related.

Sporting a red suit and a sleek haircut, Min-woo performed in Los Angeles last week and now he is the latest recruit in the increasingly global K-pop industry. Min-woo is a second-grader and his mother comes from Vietnam. Meanwhile, the big PSY has released a "Gangnam Style" remix and is continuing his worldwide tour. The video released on YouTube in July has a record 1.39 billion views. Or does it?

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