Little PSY
The little boy who showed off his dance moves just like PSY in "Gangnam Style" is hoping to go viral. His real name is Hwang Min-woo, he is 7 years old and has been nicknamed "Little PSY". He will be releasing an electro pop song next week through iTunes. Little PSY says he wants to gain global fame like his "big brother," PSY, although we do not know if they are rela
Baby Dances Gangnam Style
PSY and his K-pop song 'Gangnam Style' was the viral video of 2012.  He's indicated that he's ready to retire this generation's Macarana - but not before this seven-month-old girl shows off her moves.
Gangnam Super Bowl Ad
As heard in you ET radio minute this morning during the Most Music Morning Show, the big game is going Gangnam Style. Psy set social-media and you tube records with his Gangnam Style music and dancing video, and now we'll see him in a Super Bowl commercial for Wonderful Pistachios. The commercial was recently filmed in North Hollywood and is the first Super Bowl ad for Wonderful Pistachios. Read M
Gangnam Style Yourself
PSY's 'Gangnam Style' is now the most watched video of all time on YouTube.  Thanks to JibJab, you can now star in your own version of 'Gangnam Style.'
PSY + MC Hammer = Epic
Music awards shows are always known for mash-ups of different musicians and this year's American Music Awards was no exception with an instantly memorable pairing of MC Hammer with k-Pop star PSY.