Yum, yum, yum.  The holiday countdown just got even better.  If you love cupcakes, like me, then you'll love the 12 Cupcakes of Christmas at Lizzy's Cupcakery in the New Hartford Shopping Center.   These are the flavors Lizzy's has for the 12 Cupcakes of Christmas:

Day one: pumpkin cheesecake

Day two: chocolate raspberry

Day three: red velvet

Day four: sugar plum

Day five: fruitcake

Day six: egg nog

Day seven: chocolate mint

Day eight: cherry almond

Day nine: cocoa

Day ten: coconut

Day eleven: bourbon chocolate

Day twelve: gingerbread  (These are one of my favorite.  So good!)

See what I mean?  So many tasty flavors to try.  Need a house warming gift, something for the Secret Santa exchange at work or a little teacher's gift?  I bet they'd be happy to receive some cupcakes.  I know I would!

Lizzy's Cupcakery 12 Days of Cupcakes
Facebook/Lizzy's Cupcakery


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