Valentine's Day is all about showing the love. What better way than a really simple cupcake that's sealed with a kiss?

These really simple cupcakes make creative use of gummy candies and candy eyeballs. They'd be perfect for any classroom party or as a special treat for the kids, and you can grab everything you need at Kinney Drugs for just about $10.

There's nothing better than the simplicity of a cupcake - they're easy to make and minimally messy. MOM SQUAD PRO TIP: you can have your local grocery store make unfrosted cupcakes that you can decorate any way you want - that'll save even more time!

The quickest way to frost a cupcake is using a pastry bag for the frosting - you can be fancy if you want, but mostly, it's much faster than using a knife.

All we did was take two gummy cherry slices and a pair of Wilton candy eyes, and voila - a kiss cupcake! These would also make a humorous addition to a teen's birthday get-together - duckface selfie cupcakes, maybe?

You can grab these candies and the Wilton eyes at any Kinney Drugstore - along with the cake mix and frosting.

In no time at all, you'll have cupcakes ready to go! Stay tuned for more tips from the Mom Squad and Kinney Drugs.




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