If you're looking for a different style of music than you’re used to hearing, sometimes you just have to open your eyes and realize it's right here in town. If you're looking for something funky with a jazz feel then you will love this. This week's Local Music Monday spotlight is on The Johnson & Company.

The Johnson & Company was formed back in October of 2010. The bands members include Terry Johnson ( Singer/Songwriter, Lead & Rhythm Gutiar and Sax), Pat Morreale (Drums and Vocals), and John Jarvis (Vocals and Bass). Terry and Pat decided to start a new band with a different style of music. John filled in with the boys before with an old band, so he tried out for this new adventure. Within 2 minutes of the tryout, the boys knew they had something special, the “Johnson & Company” band was born.

You can get more info on the band here.

Check out The Johnson & Company on YouTube for more funky tunes.




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