Wouldn't you like to live in a place where you can feel safe when you're home alone? A place where children can go out to play and not be afraid of violence? According to FBI data compiled by newyorkupstate.com, you can.

Newyorkupstate.com looked at the occurrence of criminal activities like violent crime, robbery, and assault. When those crimes were all added up, Kirkland, NY, ranked #2 on their list of the safest places to live in Upstate NY. In fact, Kirkland was the only community in Oneida County to make the list.

According to the 2015 FBI data, Kirkland had no violent crime at all during that year and only 21 incidences of property crimes. Its population is 8,351.

According to Wikipedia, the Town of Kirkland was first settled in 1787 and formally established later, in 1827. The town includes the Village of Clinton and the hamlet of Clark Mills.

Kirkland has so much to offer aside from its safety: it has good schools, great restaurants, and a beautiful village green in the Village of Clinton. On Thursdays during the summer, the green hosts a Farmer's Market. Kirkland also boasts the prestigious Hamilton College, on College Hill. That sounds like a great place to live.

That sounds like a great place to live.





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