We complain a lot about the weather here in the Mohawk Valley. It's what we do.

But, more than likely, we don't have it nearly as bad as some folks who live just a bit further north. Imagine trying to get in and out of the house pictured here. This home, located in the town of Rainbow Shores, on the eastern edge of Lake Ontario, just northeast of Oswego, looks like an ice castle. Yes, there IS wood and siding and windows somewhere underneath all those icicles.

The recent winter storm in Central New York brought 24-foot waves to Lake Ontario. As they crashed ashore they created a mist that froze instantly as it splashed against the lakefront properties.

Credit: Mike Kearney/TSM

In case you're planning a road trip to view these ice castles, it's probably not a good idea. Police in Hamburg, near Buffalo, have had to warn the public to stay away from these ice houses, because the ice is dangerous. 8

There's video from Buffalo as well:

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