Look inside an upstate New York abandoned 'home for boys' where Mike Tyson once spent time, and a boy died under suspicious circumstances, just an hour from Utica.

Northeast Abandoned Exploration got inside the infamous Tryon School for Boys, in Fulton County. The medium-security, residential facility was a home for troubled boys until it was finally closed by the state in 2010.

The 500-acre facility, which lies in Perth and Johnstown, was transferred to the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency in 2012, with the hopes of redeveloping the property.

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At its height, Tryon housed 325 boys, but its population gradually declined until its closure. Now, you can take a look at a facility where a guard was once filmed punching a resident in the face. In 2007, when Gladys Carrión took charge of the state’s Office of Children and Family Services and visited - she found it so depressing, she sat in her car and cried.

Mike Tyson was a resident there in the 1980s, and it's said that it's where he learned to box.

So far, the detention center has sat untouched since its closure.

Check out these pictures. You can almost hear the sound of boys' footsteps echoing down the halls. (And check out even more on the Northeast Abandoned Exploration Facebook post at the bottom of this gallery.)

Tryon Juvenile Detention Center



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