Take a step back in time and explore the old former elementary school on North Washington Street in Herkimer, just outside of Utica.

The school, which once housed elementary students, is now abandoned - although it was sold in 2017 to a company in Georgia, for $25,000 according to property records. Since then, the property has decayed.

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When you look at these photos, it's not difficult to imagine the sound of children laughing and playing, or the words of teachers echoing through the air.

Credit: Dan Laroe/Northeastern Abandoned Exploration

The photos were taken by Dan Laroe of Northeastern Abandoned Exploration, and when he originally posted them to Facebook, former students shared their memories of the teachers that once occupied these classrooms.

Others remembered the gym, both the fun of playing basketball on the the-freshly-polyurethaned floors, and the torture of having to climb the rope and use the rings during gym class.

Credit: Dan Laroe/Northeastern Abandoned Exploration

With its huge windows, and impressive facade, you know it would be wonderful to see the building converted into something new. Perhaps apartments? Although with the condition so far deteriorated, the cost might be too great to even attempt.

As with any derelict property, DO NOT attempt to explore the school yourself. It's not safe, and it's also a violation of the law - this is private property. Instead, just enjoy the photos. 

Abandoned Herkimer School