Plastic shopping bags are everywhere, but, if legislators get their way - they'll be banned in New York.

The New York State budget is due this weekend - and the proposed single-use plastic bag ban is likely to be a part of it, reports

The Governor originally introduced the proposal in 2018, and is likely to introduce similar legislation this year. The bill exempts garment bags, trash bags and any bags used to wrap or contain certain foods, such as fruits and sliced meats.

At the time, Cuomo justified the ban, in part, by addressing the environmental impact of the bags. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 80 percent of plastic pollution in the ocean originated on land, which includes plastic bags, and in New York, residents use 23 billion plastic bags annually, which contributes to pollution both on and off land. These bags do not biodegrade and they persist for years.

Legislators have also suggested the ban be paired with a fee on paper bags - to encourage residents to bring their own re-usable bags to the store. That element of the bill is a more difficult issue since it could unfairly impact poorer neighborhoods.

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