If you believe in Christmas miracles, can you help find this lost box of Christmas ornaments from Syracuse New York?

One user turned to the Syracuse board of Reddit to ask for help, knowing it's probably a very big chance this would be found:

I realize this is a LOOONG shot, but figured it couldn't hurt.

Around 2007, my mother in law sold their fake Christmas tree in a garage sale while they were living in Syracuse. She didn't realize all of the family Christmas ornaments were in the box....does anyone happen to have a bunch of Christmas ornaments in their attic and not know where they came from? (Or know someone who has that)

Some of the ornaments might have 4 girls names on them (my wife and her sisters). If you've got a lead, DM me and I'll try to get you more details.

And if someone does manage to find even just a few, I would be happy to provide a reward."

Even though these ornaments have been missing for 16 years now, do you happen to know where these could be? You can help out online wit Reddit here.

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