Until today, I'd never known there was a secret cave under Poughkeepsie. Known as the Lost Dutchman's Cave, the cavern sits about 100 feet directly below the streets of the Hudson Valley city.

An urban explorer recently posted video of exploring the Lost Dutchman's Cave and saw large fish swimming the the waters. The location of the cave is secret, so there's no way to tell if the waters are connected to the Hudson River or perhaps Fall Kill, the other waterway that flows through the city.

The name for the cave is interesting in itself. The Lost Dutchman shares the name of the famous Lost Dutchman's Mine, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the American West, allegedly home to a treasure trove of gold in Arizona's Superstition Mountains.

Back east in Poughkeepsie, the Dutch founded the city, but there's no folklore to tell of a wayward Dutchman who found a cave under the city. Poughkeepsie is about 70 miles south of New York's most famous cave, Howe Caverns.

Underground waterways are not unique to Poughkeepsie. Several streams that ran thought Utica were routed underground including Nail Creek and Starch Factory Creek.

Utica's Hidden Underground Waterways

[h/t WPDH]