hudson river

Long Canoe Adventure
A Utica man is taking on an epic trip from Utica to Brooklyn to Montreal...via canoe. Marco Martoccia left Utica on July 14th, putting his canoe in the Erie Canal near Aqua Vino. Since then, he's paddled 100's of miles, down the Erie Canal, ultimately reaching the Hudson River and Brooklyn.
Legally Haunted
Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there is one house in the state of New York that is haunted without a doubt in the eyes of the law - the state Supreme Court declared it legally haunted in 1991.
Exploring the Lost Dutchman's Cave
Until today, I'd never known there was a secret cave under Poughkeepsie. Known as the Lost Dutchman's Cave, the cavern sits about 100 feet directly below the streets of the Hudson Valley city.
New York's Most Iconic River?
Unshackle Upstate asked an interesting question on Facebook recently, The Rio Grande River is to Texas as ________________ is to New York? So which New York river do you think is the state's most iconic?