Bodybuilding legend and 'Incredible Hulk' star Lou Ferrigno has left the tumultuous set of a new horror movie being filmed in Syracuse, it was recently reported.

The Hermit -- a horror movie that was to see Ferrigno play a cannibalistic pig farmer that makes "human jerky" -- has been plagued with a variety of issues, and production has been suspended.

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Possibly the biggest controversary surrounding the stoppage has been disputes over pay. It was reported that one of the movie's major investors provided only a tenth of what was originally promised. Several crewmembers had reported not being paid at all, which led to a walkout.

After it became clear filming would not continue, Lou Ferrigno went home.

There had been much initial excitement over The Hermit, which was being filmed on a farm in South Onondaga. Ferrigno's involvement came with much fanfare, and even saw him named an honorary police officer by the Syracuse PD.

Syracuse Police Department via Facebook
Syracuse Police Department via Facebook

The Hermit was to be Ferrigno's first major entertainment project since receiving cochlear implants in 2021. He has suffered from near-deafness since the age of 3, after a severe childhood ear infection.

Another setback for The Hermit occurred when another of its stars -- actress Malina Weissman -- got super glue in her eye. She reportedly needed her eyelashes removed with a small knife to correct the glue injury.

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At this time the fate of The Hermit is unknown. Whether its financial woes can be corrected and filming can resume remains to be seen.

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