Just hours after loud thumping noises were heard all over New Hartford, now there's loud booms happening in Westmoreland. Is It anything that we need to worry about?

The answer to that question is: no, you should not be worried, nor alarmed.

The question of the loud booms filled Facebook feeds yesterday, April 13, after many heard sounds of "booming" and "blasting" in the community of Westmoreland. So what exactly was it?

It was determined that the sounds are coming from the Department of Homeland Security, who are conducting training detonations at the State Preparedness Training Center. That's located on Airport Road in Oriskany.

Training detonations are an important component of emergency responder training. The SPTC plans on conducting such training in a safe and secure environment, and in such a way as to have a limited impact on the surrounding community.


During this training, according to the New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, you may hear "bangs" or similar unusual noises, or you may not hear anything depending on the proximity of where you are located to the training center, and weather conditions.

Regardless, this is not something to be worried about. It's just a training.

Please do not be alarmed as these training sessions are designed to minimize the noise impact to the surrounding community and will present no danger to you.

According to a post on the DHSES website, there's other scheduled detonations that will be taking place this year. There's one scheduled for today, April 14, 2022 - and then on May 12 and June 8 through the 17 of 2022.

So loud booms? Yes, they are happening. Is it something to worry about? No. Now you know. It's always pretty terrifying when you hear loud sounds, but aren't sure what it is.

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