The loud BOOM heard by New Hartford residents for weeks is back, and it's still as mysterious as it was before.

Earlier this year, New Hartford residents were plagued by a mysterious booming sound. The sound disturbed people and pets, and often happened late at night, disturbing sleep as well. There was even video of a bright flash accompanying the sound, captured by security cameras at JayK Lumber. After a few weeks, the boom sound disappeared as inexplicably as it arrived.

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Now - it's back. This weekend, several New Hartford residents reported hearing the sound, with the most recent report coming at around 8:30pm on Saturday. New Hartford resident Dawn Marie says "There’s that BOOM again!! Somebody please tell me what it is!!!" Dawn reports her dogs jumped in reaction to the sound.

Recently, Central New York heard boom sounds, but those were caused by meteors entering the Earth's atmosphere. There is no report of meteors this weekend. There is a meteor shower headed our way December 22nd - could this have been an early arrival?

Around the time the booms were originally heard, many speculated the sound was a transformer exploding but National Grid never confirmed such an event. Others thought the sound was the explosion of a large firework - either a pyrotechnic-type or an M-80.

Maybe it's the sonic boom of Santa's sleigh making a practice run around the region. Your guess is as good as ours. What do you think the sound is?


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