The customer is always right—unless, of course, the customer allegedly returns to his hotel stinking drunk and proceeds to trash his swanky room. Then, the customer may sleep on his tour bus.

According to The SunOne Direction member Louis Tomlinson was kicked out of the Malmaison Hotel in the United Kingdom's Newcastle area earlier this week after a night spent partying at a local student bar. The site says after a 1D performance at Metro Radio Arena, Tomlinson threw a few back at the very popular Digital Nightclub ("A vodka and lemonade only costs a quid!" a source said), returned to his room with a few friends and made an absolute scene.

Then, around 4 AM, hotel management decided to give him the boot. And so, with all of his clothes and a bottle of booze in hand, Tomlinson was driven to his tour bus, where he proceeded to catch a few Zs.

Tomlinson's fellow band members Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne were staying at a different hotel.

Earlier this year, Tomlinson gave photographers the finger in Los Angeles when they caught him in party mode for what may have been some rather raucous Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Do you believe Louis is capable of causing such chaos? Sound off on the allegations in the comments.

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