Oh, the things we do for love.  Like exercising.  Colbie Caillat thought running was the worst until she fell in love with her current boyfriend. 

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for NASCAR

Colbie's boyfriend Justin is  who she credits for getting her to not only love  running but like exercising in general.  She used to count down the minutes until she was done working out, but two years ago when Justin convinced her to go for her a jog, everything changed.  Colbie says it felt good and her outlook on exercising changed and has remained positive  ever since.  Now she's doing cardio three to four times a week, works out with weights and also works out a couple of times a week with a trainer.  All of this not only has helped her body image but also has helped her on stage too.  Colbie says when she's in shape she has more stamima, which helps her perform better, especially when she's running around the stage.   Has love ever motivated you to exercise?