Katy Perry could have an unlikely collaborator on her next album, if one musician gets his way. Anthony Gonzalez of French electro-rock duo M83 says, perhaps jokingly, he wants to write Katy’s next record.

M83 are currently charting with ‘Midnight City,’ their first hit single in the U.S. After their set at Coachella over the weekend, Perry tweeted, “M83 ONLY.” M83 replied on their Facebook wall, writing, “I think I saw Katy Perry dancing on midnight city yesterday night. Katy, let me write your next album:)”

We have no idea if Perry would seriously entertain the idea, but teaming up with the acclaimed electronic act would certainly be a cool change of pace. Then again, Perry gushed about a lot of bands at Coachella, including Radiohead and the Tupac hologram, so just because she enjoyed M83′s performance doesn’t mean she’s ready to turn her next album over to them.

How does an artist top an album that produced five No. 1 singles? That will be the question facing Perry when she gets around to recording her ‘Teenage Dream’ follow-up. The only artist who ever faced such a dilemma was Michael Jackson, whose ‘Bad’ also spawned five No. 1s. His next album, ‘Dangerous,’ produced seven hits, though only one reached No. 1.

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