Adam Lambert‘s been teasing fans with ‘Trespassing’ snippets and album art for a while now, and he just treated them to another preview: clips of the eight remaining tracks!


‘Shady’ sounds like Maroon 5 with more edge, while ‘Kickin’ In’ is an ode to a night out — and the booze and questionable decisions that comes with it. While ‘Naked Love’ has sexy lyrics, it’s still pure radio-friendly pop with a soaring chorus and head-bopping beat. ‘Pop That Lock’ is a dance floor anthem that may have other metaphorical meanings behind the whole “lock and key” theme, if you know what we mean.

‘Broken English’ and ‘Underneath’ slow it down a bit, but Lambert’s powerful vocals let the respective midtempo and slow ballads retain their energy. ‘Chokehold’ “brings it on back” to the edgier feel of the rest of the album. ‘Outlaws of Love’ closes out ‘Trespassing’ on a slower but still compelling note.

‘Trespassing’ hits shelves May 15. From what we’ve heard so far, the record is both eclectic but cohesive — no easy feat. It makes us think the ‘American Idol‘ alum’s sophomore effort will be more than worth the wait.

Listen to Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ Snippets

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