For most children, Christmas morning is filled with laughter and the joy and excitement of opening a brightly-wrapped Christmas present. Unfortunately, not every child has that holiday experience. You can change that for a child this year.

Lite 98.7 is partnering with the Rome Rescue Mission to help make Christmas a little merrier for children in need.

Everyday we'll feature 4 special children on-air who want nothing more than a simple gift to open on Christmas. If you're interested in granting a particular child's Christmas wish, check out the list of kids below and call 315-721-0987 or fill out the form below.

New, wrapped gifts should be clearly labeled with the child's name and number, can be dropped off at the Lite 98.7 studios at Townsquare Media at 9418 River Road in Marcy, NY - Monday through Friday, 8:00 - 5:00, from now until December 18, 2019.

UPDATE: 11/26 - ALL OF THE KIDS HAVE BEEN PICKED! Thanks to all who are contributing! 

1Kimara age 10 female - educational games, LOL dolls, legos
2Tyshawn age 10 male - games, remotes cars, legos
3Tyisha age 12 female - games, body bath, legos
4Nevaeh age 5 female - games, LOL dolls, horses
5Antonio age 3 months male - educational toys, baby toys, walker
6Jamie age 9 male - spiderman toys, pokemon cards, legos
7Lucas age 1 male - bath toys, interactive toys
8Aryanna age 6 female - babydolls, barbies, doll clothes
9Ryan age 12 male - legos, nerf toys, remote control car
10Noah age 5 male - cars, blocks, Paw Patrol toys
11Aaliyan age 6 female - babydolls, barbies, doll clothes
12Ava age 8 female - barbies, nerf toys, legos
13Tyshawn age 10 male - legos, remote control car, action figures
14Kimora age 10 female - jewelry making kit, art kit, barretts
15Martina age 9 female - barbies,paint, bracelet beads
16Kevin age 6 male - cars, legos, planes
17Heaven age 2 female - puzzles, singalong dolls, educational toys
18Conner age 3 male - dinosaurs, action figures, Paw Patrol
19Knloee age 6 months female - stuffed animals, light up toys, blankets
20Aiden age 7 male - matchbox cars, monster trucks, coloring books
21Justin age 9 male - trucks, pokemon, board games
22Ale age 12 female - makeup kit, arts and crafts, games
23Gabe age 6 male - dinosaurs, arts and crafts, chapter books
24Syrena age 3 female - Paw Patrol, playdoh, art and crafts
25Elliot age 4 male - Paw Patrols, construction toys, cars
26Arayian age 13 female - makeup kit, notebook (diary), arts and crafts
27Anastasyia age 2 female - babydolls, coloring books, interactive toys
28Avory age 6 months male - interactive crib toys, light up/sound making baby toys, blankets
29Nathaniel age 10 male - jurassic park, minecraft toys, legos
30Bradley John age 2 1/2 male - school bus, tractor, garbage truck
31Dakota age 3 male- trucks, coloring books, action figures
32Abya age 1 female - crib toys, trucks, blanket
33Taylor age 11 female - arts and crafts, makeup, scrap book
34Gemma age 5 female - arts and crafts, barbies, playdoh
35Adam age 5 male - cars, nerf guns, Paw Patrol
36Joshua age 1 1/2 male - educational toys, truck, ball
37Juelz age 9 male - nerf gun, legos, arts and crafts
38Alayhah age 8 female - barbies, arts and crafts, board games
39Summer age 5 female - doll clothes, dolls, arts and crafts
40Amerik age 1 male - crib mobile, interactive crib toys, rattles
41Landin age 11 male - minecraft toys
42Journey age 4 female - dolls, kitchen set, LOL dolls
43Natiz age 12 male - nerf gun, board games, sport balls
44Nicholas age 11 male - legos, nerf gun, indoor basketball hoop
45Easton age 4 male - farm toys, legos, nerf gun
46Marliegh age 15 months female - stuffed animals, musical mobile, blanket
47Anthony age 10 male - cars, nerf guns, legos
48Liliana age 8 female - LOL dolls, Frozen, Monster High
49Lennelly age 13 female - LOL dolls, arts and crafts, Monster High doll
50Amelia age 5 months female - light up/sound making toys, teething toys, stuffed animals
51Keylee age 2 female - alphabet blocks, finger painting, Minnie Mouse dolls
52Maven age 3 male - trucks, pj masks, basketball
53Emeri age 3 female - dolls, shopkins, Frozen
54Marley age 1 month male - learning toys
55Skylynn age 7 female - dolls, arts and crafts, books
56Katherin age 9 female - learning toys, arts and crafts
57Cody age 11 male - learning toys, arts and crafts
58Emma age 12 female - learning toys, arts and crafts
59Deron Schuler age 13 male- learning toys, arts and crafts
60Ezell age 10 male - airplanes, minecraft toys, coloring books
61Ezekiel age 7 male - Kick ball, scooter,
62Madison age 8 female- pokemon, shopkins, my little pony
63Alexandria age 5 female- my little pony, shopkins, babydoll
64Matthew age 3 male-tractors, cars, motorcycle
65Joshua age 8 male- cars, trains, sports stuff
66Lillian age 1 female- unicorns, flashcards, learning toys
67Karrieanna age 11 female- lol doll, Disney toy, Barbie
68Kelvin age 12 male- nurf gun, football, boared games
69Adrian age 3 male- motorcycle, cars, Minnie mouse
70Pedro age 10 male- nerf gun, basketball, games
71Jhoacxel age 11 male- sports, nerf gun, card games
72Bryan age 12 male- sports, coloring, construction equipment
73Jayden age 8 male- sports, coloring, cars
74Jolene age 13 female- arts and craft, supplies, music
75Lillyanna age 6 female- lol dolls, decendant toys, dolls
76Isiac age 3 male- power rangers, sponge bob, legos
77Magic age 9 female- dress up dolls, decendants, hairbows
78Colby age 10 female- arts and crafts, girly items, legos
79Jordan age 11 female- music, jewelry and make up, arts and crafts
80LeBron age 13 male- sports thsirts, sports stuff
81Emily age 11 female- pusheen, monster high, hello kitty
82Logan age 13 male- paw patrol, star wars, fortnight
83Cameron age 3 male- trucks, paw patrol, bath toys
84Annabelle age 2 female- barbbies, play do, Disney toys
85Emma age 9 female- barbies, lol dolls, arts and crafts
86Krzysztof age 12 male- fortnight, nerfguns, board games
87Kryspyn age 8 male- fortnight, nerf guns, board games
88Amiran age 13 female- arts and crafts, jewelry making, twister
89Zahiran age 11 female- board games, lite brite, simon says
90Amaya age 11 female- playdo, board games, stuffed animals
91Jaiden age 6 male- nerf guns, army men, playdoh
92Kennedy age 2 female- arts and crafts, baby doll, play doh
93David age 25 male (special needs) Ducks, Frogs, Stuffed animals
94Carl age 18 male (special needs) Advengers, Soliders,Stuffed animals
95Quinn age 8 female - Harry Potter hat and scarf, subway gift card.
96Jenna age 9 Female- bath and body lotion, Bean bag chair.
97Nancy age 4 Female - Wendy's gift card (loves frostys) barbies, puzzles.
98Lucy age 7- female- Hatchimals, shopkins.
99Victor age 5 Male- Snow shovel, games, books.
100Tommy age 12 Male- Football, legos.
101Ben 10, male - fortnight toys

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