After a video surfaced of a man shouting obscenities at police officers, the Oneida City Police Benevolent Association has responded.

A video circulating on social media depicts a man filming the personal vehicles of City of Oneida police officers, and when asked by the police to leave the department's parking lot, begins to scream obscenities at the officers.

According to the Oneida City Police Benevolent Association, "We have become aware of a video circulating showing someone (we won’t even say his name) walking into the parking lot of the Oneida Police Department with the sole intention of harassing our Officers, trying to instigate them into a confrontation, video recording vehicles, and spewing profane, ignorant, and racist language towards them. This was completely unprovoked and absolutely uncalled for."

The PBA says the man has a "habit of creating situations and disturbances and video recording the response of others, including law enforcement officers and store employees who are just doing their jobs." The man then shares his videos on social media.

"this is exactly the type of disgusting, despicable, reprehensible, ignorant, and idiotic stuff law enforcement officers are facing and dealing with all over, including right here in Oneida. For those of you who support our Officers, thank you. We have seen your comments on the video and truly appreciate your support."

The video has been shared on a Facebook page, "Downtown Oneida - It's Time For a Change" started by a local Oneida business owner Rick Rossi, who says he created the group "in the hopes that we can have an outlet to discuss our city, and what we can do to make changes for the better."

The group has already organized a neighborhood clean up, and is planning on more.

Commenters on the groups page, where the video was posted, commend the officers for handling the event professionally.


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