Did a bunch of people call out of work in your office today? Did the stores seem a little light on humans doing holiday shopping? Did the "no traffic" seem even less so on the highways and byways today? Whell. This may be why.

If you were on the interwebs at any point this weekend, there was a buzz gaining momentum about going on strike. But it's not just New Yorkers.  It's a global strike for ceasefire.

Cynthia Nixon Leads Hunger Strike Protest Calling For Ceasefire In Middle East War
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As of this writing, AlJazeera is reporting that "Palestinian activists and grassroots organisations have called for a global strike on Monday to demand an immediate ceasefire as Israel continues its aggression on Gaza.

The call for the strike has been given by the National and Islamic Forces, a coalition of major Palestinian factions, to Palestinians across the occupied West Bank and supporters across the world to participate in a strike that would include “all aspects of public life” in a show of solidarity amid relentless Israeli attacks."

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I was able to personally speak with a local CNY woman named *Alexandria about the strike. Alexandria told me the following about what people are being called to do in today's strike:

"What we are being called to do in solidarity:

1) Not go to work *if possible

2) Not spend money

3) Not leave the house today"

Alexandria went on to say that the point of this demonstration is not only solidarity, but to remind people that they are not powerless in foreign affairs. Alexandria said that "she is intentionally not participating in our society that has been ignoring, and not taking action, against the genocides happening in Palestine. So, the hope is, on a global scale, (that) if enough people do this, that the economy has a numeric loss that highlights a call to action. The workplace has an absence that highlights that not only all the people who have died... an absence that is unusual and is to call to action that demands a ceasefire in Gaza and Palestine."

Annual Celebrate Israel Parade Marches Up New York's Fifth Avenue
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*Name has been changed for this article.

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