Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon finally revealed “dem babies” — that’s Moroccan and Monroe, AKA ‘Roc n’ Roe’ — on last night’s episode of ’20/20′ with Barbara Walters. We didn’t meet the precious pair until the last minute-and- a-half, so if you’re busy, hit the fast-forward button on the video attached.

The 10-minute segment took us through the history of the couple’s relationship. Some tidbits? We got ‘em! She was his celebrity crush, and she used to respond with a careless “Whatever” when people told her he was praising her in public. He even has her first name tattooed in script across his shoulders.

In the interview, Mr. and Mrs. Mariah Carey bickered and bantered like any couple in love. The duo opened up about the struggle and methodology they employed in order to get pregnant. Shockingly, Carey actually had a miscarriage before they conceived the twins. In addition to acupuncture, she tried fertility treatements and hormones in order to score the babies.

The pregnancy was hard on her, which is no surprise. Carrying two babies is extra tough on most women’s bodies. There were long periods of bed rest, emergency trips to the hospital, false labors, gestational diabetes and the fact that she had to take medicine to, as she puts it, “keep these babies in me,” so that they were full-term, to avoid premature delivery.

Walters asked the paid about the photo shoot that they participated in while Mariah was about to burst, where she was as naked as the day she was born, save for the strategic way her hair was styled to tumble down the front of her body. She and Cannon both labeled the photos “fun” and “beautiful.”

In true diva fashion, Mariah admitted, “For me to get at least my hair and makeup done! During that time, I was so miserable. I am so blessed and thankful, and I know people will be like, ‘Oh Mariah Carey is complaining about her pregnancy’ and I don’t want to do that.”

Cannon played delivery room DJ when Roc n’ Roe were born. They entered the world while a live version of mom’s ‘Fantasy’ was playing. It was no accident that it was a live rendition. Ma Carey wanted them to born to the sound of applause.

Lucky kids, right?

Watch Mariah Carey Debut Dem Babies on ’20/20′

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