The 9th annual Sitrin Celebrity Wheelchair Classic was held last night at the New Hartford High School. Fans packed the gymnasium to see the Celebrity Cruisers take on the Sitrin STARS. Joining the celebrity team this year was Syracuse Basketball star and outgoing senior Rick Jackson (featured in a photo with Mark's son), Olympian Erin Hamlin and Matt "the Hammer" Hamill.

Proceeds from the event go to help the Sitrin STARS Program."This event has been fantastic, probably a record setter in terms of attendance. The whole goal of this event is to showcase our local athletes abilities. They are not disabled they are phenomenal athletes who just happen to use wheelchairs. Its great to see Rick Jackson and other athletes in local representation in wheelchairs and actually struggle while our STARS do great things on the court," said Mark DePerno from Sitrin.

NEWSChannel 2's Kristen Copeland and Pat Bailey also played for the Cruisers. The Sitrin STARS took home the win.
As you can see the cleaned our clocks! They added to our score at the end, (it's a pride thing). The actual score was 41 /16.