This morning I had the privilege to chat with Delilah about many different things. We talked about how she got into radio, what she wants for Christmas, her kids and her farm along with some of her caller memories. If you listen to the interview you'll hear how I actually got Delilah to chuckle a bit.The main topic of conversation was about her new book ARMS FULL OF LOVE which gives readers a unique look into Delilah’s deeply personal experiences with her family. Did you know she is a single mother of twelve and a grandmother to nine? ARMS FULL OF LOVE gives you a look into her family experiences and you'll enjoy hand-selected listener stories that you often hear on Nite Lite with Delilah, nights on Lite 98.7. The most important thing I took away from our chat is that family is so vitally important to each of our lives.

Is you missed our chat you can hear the entire interview by clicking the play button. Enjoy.