Movie theaters have finally reopened in New York, but if you're still not ready to head back, Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford is selling a giant bag of movie theater popcorn for you to take home.

Marquee Cinemas is selling a giant bag of popcorn for just $12.75. We're not gonna lie - that seems like a pretty great deal, since the same amount of popcorn would likely cost $1,275.89 if you bought it during a movie. Let's be honest, no matter how much popcorn you make at home, you can't get the 'movie popcorn' taste - no matter what Orville Redenbacher tells you.

Several highly anticipated movies have gone straight to streaming, albeit with a steep rental fee (we're looking at you, $19.99 Mulan). However, there's a certain attraction to watching a new release film from the comfort of your own home - and now with a bag of movie theater popcorn.

If you'd prefer to actually go to the movies, be prepared for a few changes:

  • Masks are required at all times, except when eating or drinking.
  • Assigned seating will be required.
  • Social distancing between parties will be required at all times.
  • Additional staffing will be required to control compliance.
  • Theaters will be required to meet enhanced air filtration, ventilation, and purifications standards.

Marquee says they'll be opening at 25% capacity, with masks required - although they can be removed to eat or drink.

Seats will be blocked off within the theaters to ensure appropriate social distancing, and patrons are asked to limit loitering in the lobby.

There will be staggered showtimes allowing staff additional time to thoroughly clean the theaters between showings.


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