Watching Christmas films during the holiday season has become a sacred tradition. Keep that tradition alive in New Hartford.

Everyone has their selection of classic Christmas films that they turn to each and every year to join the seasonal festivities and embrace the holiday spirits. These traditions are special as these iconic films give us the opportunity to witness how much we’ve grown at each year’s end. Each December, when rewatching these beloved films, it’s through observing how the viewing experience of the Christmas film we know so well has changed since past holiday seasons.

It can be different because of the people we’ve chosen to watch with this year, or, because of where we are watching it. Your favorite Christmas movie may be different because you now understand that one character who was grumpy” better than ever. It can simply be that the film’s “true meaning of Christmas” was the exact thing you needed to hear more than ever this year.

Watching a holiday classic is an excellent way to experience the season, and, there’s no better way to embark on a Christmas adventure, with a little movie magic, than at the movie theaters!

Marquee Cinemas’s Flashback Cinema series is spreading Christmas cheer this December. On Sunday(s) and Wednesday(s), with matinee and evening showings, the theatre will be featuring three beloved Christmas films:

Elf (20th Anniversary) - December 3 & 6

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - December 10 &13

It’s A Wonderful Life - December 17 & 20

For more information, tickets (the theater is reserved seating), and more with the Marquee Cinemas, click here.

Make this the perfect opportunity to get intentional, plan a time, and get tickets for you and your loved ones to revisit your favorite Christmas films in theaters this holiday season.

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