Facebook is always full of surprises! The other morning was no exception. I woke up, only to see a video of my Nashville girlfriend being interviewed by a reporter in Miami.If you're planning a boating adventure for this 4th of July out on Lake Delta or Oneida Lake, please be careful and obey all boating regulations. My former girlfriend was vacationing in Florida and witnessed a crash a couple of weeks ago. Granted, this accident happened on the ocean, but misfortune can happen on any body of water. According to NBC in Miami:

A boat crashed Friday evening in Pompano Beach, injuring five people. The 32-foot Boston Whaler crashed into the jetty at Hillsboro Inlet, located at 2608 North Ocean Blvd.

A word to the wise, always know the depth of the lake or pond you're paddling, sailing, or cruising on. When I was younger, I decided to venture out for a canoe ride on Grafton Lake, near Albany.  I carelessly launched out to a part of the lake that turned out to be way too shallow. I ended up bumping a rock, and the canoe overturned. I was ok, but the canoe was not. It was also a rental. I lost my $50 deposit after they discovered a big hole in it.

Here's the TV interview with Terri. The video's a little shaky because I had to film a video of another video.

Just Jen and I talked about this today.