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Tin Man

I’m not sure what possessed me to dress up in this clunky, concoction of corrugated cardboard and Reynolds Wrap.  He certainly wasn’t Dorothy’s favorite and I’ve never been a fan of America’s #4 hit from 1974 but he seemed like a logical choice considering I had an overabundance of aluminum foil lying around the house and a spare oil can that I filled with molasses and water. I freaked quite a few people out while I sipped on it periodically throughout the night. My costume was pretty impressive. I looked almost identical to the real Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz….Or so I thought…. If the Tin Man actually had a heart he should have ripped it out and given it to the judge of the costume contest. While I was walking up to the platform waiting to be oiled, she whispered in my ear and said: ‘‘Ooh I love your fire proof suit!” Needless to say I didn’t win any prizes that year.

FYI: Originally Buddy Ebsen was supposed to play the Tin Man but the dust from the make up made him sick so he was replaced with Jack Haley.)

Gene Simmons

When I was 12 my best friend Alex and I both decided to dress up like “The Demon” from the Super Group KISS. My costume rocked! I had the spiked platform boots, the armor plating, and the flame shaped afro. My tongue is naturally long and pointed so emulating Gene came naturally to me. My dad is an excellent artist so he applied my make-up. My carpenter friend Mike even built me a wooden axe-shaped bass guitar. I can’t remember why, but for one reason or another the firehouse decided not to host a costume contest that year. I found this supremely disappointing. I’m convinced I would have walked away with the gold.  “Shout it out Loud” I would have won that thing!

FYI: Gene’s famous tongue is measured at over seven inches long and he’s also one of   the top fire breather's in the world.

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