Halloween is almost here! Let's have some fun by playing another great game of 'This-OR-That,' with choices that have to do with this time of the year.

We've played "This-OR-That" quite a few times this year, but we're going to do things a little different this time. Don't worry, it benefits you.

Usually, we put together a bunch of different polls and let you vote between two items in each poll. Then we would make you wait like a week or so, and then share the results with you. That way, everyone could get a chance to voice their opinion, and we could all find out which items "won," at the same time.

Seeing as Halloween is Wednesday, we're not going to make you wait for the answers. That would just be kind of silly. Who wants to be thinking about Halloween once November hits?? It's old news by then.

So instead, after you vote in the poll, you'll see the results instantly. Granted, that means the results will be continuing to change over the next few days, but still, you'll know where you stand compared to everyone else who already got a chance to make their picks.

Alright, are you ready for "This-OR-That" Halloween Edition??

Here we go!






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