Let's be real- How can you take the most time off from work in 2024 without burning too much PTO? From one Central New Yorker to another, here's a helpful plan:

Too many people don't take their vacation time to their fullest, lose days at work, or just have the feeling that they don't have enough time off from work. Use your paid time off to it's fullest around Federal holidays. Why? It just equals more time off for you and makes the most sense.

Online, the experts of all experts have the following plans for you to maximize your paid time off to the fullest in 2024:

1) Take January 2nd through January 5th off for a total of 9 days off.

2) Take January 16th through January 19th off for a total of 9 days off.

3) Take February 20th through February 23rd off for a total of 9 days off.

4) Take May 28th through May 31st off for a total of 9 days off.

5) Take June 20th through June 21st off for a total of 5 days off.

6) Take July 1st through July 3rd, and July 5th off for a total of 9 days off.

7) Take September 3rd through September 6th off for a total of 9 days off.

8) Take November 12th through November 15th off for a total of 9 days off.

9) Take November 25th through November 27th, along with November 29th off for a total of 9 days off.

10) Take December 23rd, December 24th, December 27th, December 30th, and December 31st off for a total of 12 days off.

Enjoy your PTO to it's fullest in 2024!

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