McDonald's is launching a few new dipping sauces to accompany with their famed menu, just in time for fall. The reason this is newsworthy is because one of the two new sauces is a staple for chicken wings, fries (read: potato wedges) and just about anything fried in the regional Washington, D.C. area.


Having gone to college in the US south and as someone with multiple friends who live in the DC/Maryland area, I overstand how important Mumbo sauce is to the foodie culture of the area, so to see Mickey D's adding Mumbo (they're calling it Mambo) to their dipping sauce lineup, had me raising my eyebrows.


But then I did a little digging and got a little excited.


According to McDonald's press release,

"... in honor of the rich cultural ties Mambo sauce has to the Washington D.C. and Chicago communities, we’re also sharing the real stories of the sauce makers, restaurateurs, small business owners and fans keeping the culture of Mambo strong through an original documentary debuting on McDonald’s YouTube channel on Oct. 9 so stayed tuned for the additional celebrations."  McDonald’s Mambo Sauce is described as "A tomato-based, sweet, spicy and vinegary sauce; inspired by the regional Washington, D.C. area sauce staple."

Courtesy of McDonald's
Courtesy of McDonald's



MSN reports that "D.C. chef Jerome Grant weighed in on the Golden Arches' sauce, which will be available nationwide for a limited time. The James Beard Award nominee posted on Instagram about his involvement in the project."

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It's an exciting time for those of us with ties to DC. It's also an exciting time for those into "breakfast jam". The other sauce launching on October 9 is called Sweet and Spicy Jam, which, according to the McDonald's press release is described as : "A jammy red pepper sauce with a tongue- numbing Szechuan peppercorn kick and extra heat from cayenne pepper; finished with apple cider vinegar."

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