It was a beautiful night for baseball and we got a chance to catch up with the Blue Sox most passionate fan; Brenda Holmes, daughter of motivational speaker Bobby Holmes.

Last night, Donovan Stadium was filled with excited fans cheering on the Utica Blue Sox. But there was one particular fan who stood out among the rest because of her powerful voice, and encouraging shouts to the team.

Her name is Brenda Holmes, daughter of the late Bobby Holmes. Bobby was known for his well respected speaking voice and the positive impact he had on communities throughout Central New York. He spent his time speaking at schools and encouraging students about the dangers of substance abuse.

According to the Observer Dispatch:

Bobby had a voice like thunder. When his voice boomed, you knew it was the truth, and it was the terrible truth-about drugs, about lives destroyed and lost. He created the Youth Outreach Program and worked at the Oneida County Scared Straight program.

The Holmes family was named: Central New York's "Family of the Year" by the Family Nurturing Center in 2011.

We got a chance to chat with Brenda:

Brenda always takes the time to chat with the players and offers them positive affirmation and warm hugs after the game.

Matt Hubbell
Matt Hubbell

Apparently, Bobby Holmes passed on his passion and heart of gold to his daughter.


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