Admit it your man has many great qualities, but his style isn't one of them. It’s ok, as a guy I’m allowed to say we lack in style. I have dress shoes, with jeans on, and a short sleeve shirt. Just look at my picture, I'm a big dork! That's where you come in. Women are supposed to help me dress!

Many women can't wait to make over their man, and no matter how much guys try to fight it, the ladies usually win out. It’s ok, we admit defeat.

Women go for the guy makeover (according to Yahoo Shine ) at different points in the relationship. For some, it happens right away, while others wait until the relationship is good and solid before the threats to throw out worn-through shoes and underwear begin. Honestly right away may be an insult so hold back!

Trying to make over your man may seem cruel, but with all the upkeep women are "encouraged" to do, making him buy a pair of jeans that fit him seems like a fair trade.

So this leaves the question… Do you do guy makeovers with your guy?