Whether you’re meeting someone you met online, or you're being set up on a blind date, the idea of going out for coffee is a great idea. It's cheap, it's easy and you can bolt after one cup. Many women are now shunning the coffee date when they shouldn’t.

According to Yahoo Shine, women are saying the coffee date shows a lack of time he's willing to spend with you. To some women coffee dates can usually be pretty quick and under thirty minutes. Going out for dinner takes quite a bit longer; and it gives time for the two of you to feel each other out.

I disagree. Coffee can be the perfect date. You can sit and talk for hours, and chow down on muffins and other goodies.

So here’s the question of the day: How do you feel about the coffee date? Would you be offended if someone asked you to get a latte instead of a meal?

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