Say goodbye to large groups of teens hanging out at the mall. Destiny USA just announced an updated policy that will require all minors 17 years and under to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The Syracuse-based mall announced the change to its Parental Escort Policy after discussions with the Syracuse Police Department.

"If there is one overriding goal of our Parental Escort Policy at Destiny USA, it is to ensure that all guests have a continuous, safe and enjoyable shopping, dining and entertainment experience," Stephen J. Congel, CEO of Pyramid Management Group, which owns Destiny USA, said in a statement released Wednesday. "While 99.9% of the guests that come to Destiny USA act responsibly, including our younger shoppers, there is a very small percentage that are disruptive. We don’t intend to allow that small percentage to damage the experience of local residents and tourists."

Destiny's PEP was first implemented in 2003 as part of the mall's safety protocols, but Conger said Pyramid Management Group decided to broaden the scope of the PEP, allowing on-site officers to more effectively address incidents at the mall and matching the safety protocols of other major retail complexes, like the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Adults accompanying minors must be 21 years of age or older.

On top of enhancing its PEP guidelines, Destiny USA has also created additional space on its fifth floor for the Syracuse Police Department's on-site officers. The space will act as a larger, functional work space for the officers.

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