When approximately 500 Remington Arms employees were furloughed this week, one pizzeria stepped up to make a tough time just a little easier.

Remington Arms announced they would furlough approximately 500 employees due to slowing sales. An entire production line is shut down until early August, leaving workers without a paycheck.

Paesano's Pizzeria in Mohawk is offering a discount to all furloughed Remington employees for the duration of the furlough. Paesano's is a family-owned pizzeria that been in Mohawk since 1994. Vinny and Barb Caneviva, the owners, say they're not doing this for publicity - just to "help people the way we can."

When we talked to Vinny, he declined to be interviewed on air saying "we really don't want to make this about us. It's about the employees. So may of our customers are employed by Remington. We make deliveries there twice a day. I know 20% isn't a lot, but we want to do what we can for the people there."

Vinny and his wife have a personal connection to Remington Arms. As well as having many friends who work there, Vinny's father retired from Remington Arms after working there for many years.

"We've been successful in Mohawk for 25 yeas, we just want to give something back to the community," Vinny continued.

Credit: Paesano's Pizzeria
Credit: Paesano's Pizzeria

In a Facebook post, the pizzeria made the following offer: "We will be offering all furloughed Remington Arms employees a 20% discount off your purchase of $10 or more with your Remington ID for the duration of the furlough!"

It's gestures like these that remind us all what makes Central New York so special. Hopefully, other businesses will step up to support Remington's employees through this difficult time.

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