St. Patrick's Day is coming up shortly... What if we took a tradition from Chicago and dyed our Mohawk River green for the holiday?

Every year on the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day, the Chicago River is dyed green in celebration of the holiday coming up. A six-person boat crew heads out on the waters with a "secret" powder mixture that they use give the river a green hue. It's a tradition that has been going strong for more than 50 years, and it brings nearly half a million people to the banks of the river to watch the boat as it changes the color of the river.

It's quite an interesting way to kick off the St. Patrick's Day festivities in Chicago. What if we "borrowed" their idea and turned our Mohawk River green? Do you think people would come out to watch a boat pour a safe, non-toxic, mixture into our waters (as long as it didn't hurt the environment or cause any issues) Would you be willing to watch the "dyeing of the Mohawk River" to kick off our St. Patrick's Day celebration?

Let us know what you think in the poll below:





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