*The original article has been edited to reflect reports regarding the fish's release

Even the most seasoned fisherman would be happy to catch one of these babies in a summer, but one New Hartford angler has reeled in TWO giant fish within three days.

Chad Jackson was recently able to snag a 36-inch tiger muskie and a 45-inch northern pike, both from the Mohawk River.

Jackson said he caught both river monsters at dusk using live bait.

Jackson had a few run-ins with the muskie before finally landing it. He noticed the fish a few days prior "blowing up" the river surface, but two days of topwater baiting proved unsuccessful. He then baited a big shiner on the third day and the tiger muskie finally took it.

Chad Jackson
Chad Jackson

Jackson said he estimated the 36-inch tiger muskie at around 12-15 pounds.

The self-professed bass fisherman went back to the same spot three days later but it was slow-going through the evening. Jackson and his buddy were just about to close up shop when his bobber dipped under the surface. The fight was on. He was going toe-to-fin with a very large northern pike.

The pike was too large for the fishing net, but both men together were able to pull it from the water. It measured 45 inches on the nose and was estimated at over 20 pounds.

"That was my first time catching anything big, really... I've been putting a lot of hours in trying to catch a monster and I did it twice within three days."

Chad Jackson
Chad Jackson

Nice catches, Chad!

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