A CNY mom is warning others after she says a man exposed himself to her in a Rome store.

According to a Facebook post in a private group that's been shared hundreds of times on Facebook, a woman called Belli Bell says, "Last night I had a very traumatic thing happen to me. I was in the Walmart in Rome NY walking with my mom and 5 month old son. There was a man following us pretending to look at stuff on the shelve. He got closer and closer and when I looked at him HE WAS EXPOSING HIMSELF. I told my mom to hurry and get away and called for management. After I called, he knew that I knew and disappeared. All I’m saying is please be careful. There is some sick people and is so disgusting. I mean he did this right by the Christmas tree shop where there was kids running around. Be careful y’all seriously.. ‘can’t believe this happen to me’ and it could happen to you."

In the comments, Belli goes on to say she contacted Walmart to report the incident.

Another woman said this also happened to her:  "I am glad you posted this because it happened to me to and i let Mary know yellow vest and she told me i was the 2nd person to report it. Every thing i was looking at so was he. He watched my every move. He made me so mad and i was so worried. I was livid.... i was scared. I couldn't get a picture of him i was trying to call my sister Billie Jo. Thank god the lady in the yellow vest Mary walked me out."

How should you handle a "flasher"?

According to forensic psychologist Stephen Hart, PhD on verywellfit.com:

"If confronted by a flasher, try to leave the situation as quickly and calmly as possible, without giving him the reaction he seeks. Keep moving—away. If you react, give him an exaggerated eye roll, give him an expression or snort of disgust, or call him a loser, then tell him you are calling 911. Then call 911 as soon as possible," says Dr. Hart.

"Don't stick around, approach, or make an unprovoked attack. That's looking for trouble. If the flasher comes toward you, scream for help, and run toward safety. If he gets close, definitely fight back as hard as you can—you must assume you are fighting for your life. Once you get away, call 911 as soon as it is safe to do so."

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