In a story that's getting to be too familiar, a mom is warning others after she says suspicious men were filming her son at the mall.

Bobbi Jo Shepherd says she, her son, and his girlfriend were at the food court at Sangertown Square when her mom radar picked up on something suspicious.

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"While sitting in the food court with my son and his girlfriend at the Sangertown Mall I noticed a man videoing us. When we looked his way, he would immediately put the phone in another direction. So as not to be noticed. When we took our phone out and tried to record him, the man quickly got up and walked away. About 5 mins later this same man appears 3 table behind me....recording again. We all believe he was working with another suspicious male that was alone at a table, no bags and with his cell phone out. Both males were aware that we were watching them."

Bobbi says her son went straight to mall security, who were very helpful.

"Mall security immediately put them on camera, with the help of my son identifying them. Both men were well dressed, maybe in their 40s? I'm not sure of their intentions, if any? Maybe we were paranoid, but it was just too obvious! At any rate, we were definitely spooked but felt more comfortable leaving when one of the security guards came out to the food court."

No matter where you go, be aware of your surroundings, and teach your children to do the same. Keep an eye on your kids, and encourage them to go to store security if they feel uncomfortable at any time. Most of all parents, trust your instincts. 


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