With so many Central New York kids doing at least part of their school day at home, moms are struggling to find ways to create "school zones" without spending a fortune. One mom has found the solution.

During the pandemic, we've been doing everything from home - which has meant a bit of reorganizing and redecorating as dining rooms became home offices, and kitchen tables were transformed into classrooms. As the school year looms for Utica-Rome area kids, parents are trying to figure out how to create a space that allows kids room to work, but not so much that they can't focus - plus we're all trying not to spend hundreds of dollars to do it.

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A Kentucky teacher and mom, Angelina Harper, has come up with a brilliant hack that's so simple, it's gone viral on social media.

Angelina turns to every mom's favorite: tri-fold poster board. Usually, these are used for student presentations and the science fair - but in this case, they're doing duty as a mini classroom that can quickly and easily be removed when "class" is over for the day.

Angelina put together a video describing exactly what she did:

What are you doing to set up a home office for your kids? Share your pictures to beth@lite987.com

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