Kids in the area of Marcy have something to look forward to - they're getting a new playground!

According to Nick Schmidt, Parks and Recreation Director for the Town of Marcy, plans are currently in motion to install a new playground. The news was announced on Facebook and in the Marcy Matters newsletter.

"This is all possible thanks to a 100% fully funded grant received from The Edwin J. Wadas Foundation," says Schmidt.

The new playground, which should be finished by fall, will feature the addition of a new slide, along with new climbing obstacles to encourage more "physical fitness" and provide hours of play.

This new playground comes after a hectic year, as the park had to close for a period of time because of the coronavirus pandemic. With parks and playgrounds allowed to be open, many parents in the area have been bringing their kids to have some fun. The new park gives a more unique experience.


After the park opens and you bring the kids to go play, maybe you'll find yourselves hungry from all the fun. Did you know that Full Throttle BBQ is moving to Marcy?

Back at the end of July, it was confirmed on their Facebook page that they'll be taking over the old Jet Diner at 9585 River Road in Marcy.

Even though we loved our location in Yorkville, this new location offers more space for in person dining, a bigger parking lot, and a separate room for company luncheons, parties, and catering needs!

According to the owners, they hope to be fully open in the new spot by September 1 or even earlier. They did ask for customers to be patient as they are in the process of moving.

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