Have you ever wondered what the most iconic job in New York State is? We finally have some answers.

24/7 Wall Street used the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to investigate the number of jobs in a given state relative to their concentration nationwide. Doing this, they were able to determine the most iconic jobs in each state. Which industry won for New York?

According to this report, there are over 22,000 fashion designers working in the United States and 38.4% are employed in New York state. Meaning, fashion designers are the most iconic job. Why's this? Almost entirely because New York City is one of the world’s fashion hubs:

The city is home to several top fashion schools, including the Parsons School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, and Pratt. A number of industry icons, including Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, and Donna Karan have close ties to the city. As a result, fashion designer jobs are nearly six times more concentrated in the state than they are nationwide.

Well, good news. Jobs in fashion design tend are well paying all across New York. The average annual wage in the occupation is $92,860 in the state, compared to $86,110 across the U.S. as a whole.

What Are the Most In-Demand Careers in New York?

According to Best Colleges, the most in demand careers in New York vary from fashion:

Some of the top industries with high demand include warehousing and storage, administrative and support services, education, and healthcare jobs. Transportation and storage associates, home health aides, and direct support professionals find some of the greatest demand."

You can read more online here.

Top 25 Most Popular Jobs In Utica and Rome NY

With ever growing options for jobs in Utica, Rome, Central New York, and the Mohawk Valley, what are the most popular jobs? With that, what is the pay?

We wanted to highlight the Top 25 jobs in our region:

25 Lowest Paying Jobs In The Utica/Rome New York Area and What They Pay

Depending on your current employment goals, these may be jobs to avoid in the Utica and Rome area of New York State. They are in order from the highest paying of the group, to the absolute lowest.

23 Highest Paying Impressive Jobs In Utica And Rome New York

With all these job openings in the Utica and Rome area of Central New York, you may be considering a new career. What are the highest paying jobs you can apply for?

That website USA Wage used data published by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and took a look at the Top 100 highest paying jobs in our region. Results found that the highest paying profession in America right now is family medicine physician with an average annual salary of $207,380. The second highest paying job is family and general practitioners with an average salary $201,100.

What about our region of Central New York? What jobs popped to the top of the list? Here's a look:


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