When you're looking to add a little kick or spice to your dish, is this really the most popular hot sauce in New York State to choose?

Eat This, Not That! took a look at the data to answer this question. They made their decision for all 50 states based on what people in each state are searching. This "saucey study" was recently done in 2021 and uncovered which hot sauce the most popular in New York State.

The most popular hot sauce in all of New York State is........Cholula Hot Sauce

New York searched for Cholula the most. The study found that the brand was searched 1,717 times over the past 12 months."

Cholula was the most popular hot sauce in all of America too. In their research they found that 80% of the 50 states searched for that brand more than any other.

Cholula Hot Sauce History And Facts

Cholula Original Hot Sauce features arbol and piquin peppers, a blend of spices that deliver the right amount of heat.

Whether you pair it with pizza, rice, eggs or more, it's a taste that you'll be craving."

Cholula has its roots planted in a 100 year old family recipe that has been passed down through generations in Mexico. It get's its famous name from the ancient city of Cholula.

At the base of the breathtaking Popocatépetl volcano lies the ancient city of Cholula. The city of Cholula is the oldest still-inhabited in North America (2500 years old!)"

You can read the complete delicious history of this famous sauce online here.

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