I still remember when a classmate brought in pine-cones for show and tell and preceded to tell her classmates that they are editable. I felt so bad for her as the kids laughed and laughed. Kids can be so cruel. And maybe she was right because some produce a sweet sap. The Indians used the sap like glue as well as chewed it like gum. Would you like some idea's for your child's upcoming show and tell day at school this year?

  • Chris Hondros Getty Images
    Chris Hondros Getty Images

    A Teddy Bear or New Doll

    I recall bringing in my Evil Knievel action figure to class and the boys liked the way it bent and twisted, just like Evil after one of his infamous crashes. The girls, not so interested.

  • Matthew Simmons Getty Images
    Matthew Simmons Getty Images

    A New Toy

    This is most likely the most popular show and tell item after the holiday season. I wonder if it's the noisiest as well?

  • Oli Scarff Getty Images
    Oli Scarff Getty Images

    A New or Favorite Book

    Perhaps teachers have a secret plan of encouraging kids to read by suggesting that they bring in their favorite book for show and tell. Things that make you go , hmmmm.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    A Story

    Sometimes the kids come in with nothing but a tale to tell. Maybe they saw a snake shed it's skin or helped their Uncle fix the car. Perhaps they went to the fair and rode all the rides or as I mentioned, learned how to cook a pine cone. After all, it is 'show and tell'.

  • Joe Raedle Getty Images
    Joe Raedle Getty Images

    A Pet

    Turtles, hamsters, birds, rabbits and reptiles are generally no problem, but the dogs and cats must be in a cage and leashed. The child's pet is by far the most popular item brought in for show and tell.

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